Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the art of helping websites to get more visitors.  The aim is to move the site onto the 1st page of the search results.

Thsimply effective seoe main aim is to build real and natural links to your website from all over the internet.  Image sites, social media, press releases, directory citations, videos and more.

Even in these days of mobiles and tablets the vast majority of  people use search engines for the information they need – by which of course we mean google.

Your website needs to be found by your potential customers and Simply Effective SEO can help you achieve this. With years of experience we are passionate about helping business in Exmouth and accross the UK get the most out of their website.

Every second there are over 30,000 searches on google.  That is a mind blowing stat.  In addition the majority of people never get off page 1 of the search results.

That is why your website needs search engine optimisation from the friendly professionals at Simply Effective SEO.

For local SEO a great start is directory citations.  They help Google place your page and business exactly where you want – on the 1st page.


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