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Links help with video search engine optimisation (SEO) along with embeds and social signals. Helping to move your video up in both Youtube and Google search results.  Having links from authoratative sites is ideal and of course, Google carries the most authority of all!

We will create over 700 High quality Google links pointing to your Youtube video. The links come from Google docs, sheets, slides, drawing and sites.

google links

Google creates many different URLs for each youtube video. These URLs are for all the various models and makes of mobiles and tablets on the market. We utilise these links to provide excellent SEO for your video.

What We Do

  • We create 75 variations of your youtube video URL
  • For each URL we make a shortened URL.
  • Finally we make up to 40 keyword links to your video using a combination of variant and shortened URLs.
  • We publish these in a google doc
  • Then a google sheet
  • Followed by a Google drawing, slides and
  • Finally a google site

That’s over 700 top quality links from Google properties pointing to your youtube video. This is safe, effective SEO for your video.
We’ll send you a full report with all the Google URLs.

Order today and we look forward to working with you.


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