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Most businesses have not heard of search engine optimisation (SEO).  This usually means their website is not easy to find and attracts very few visitors.

SEO helps search engines recognise your website as a useful and worthwhile addition to the internet.   They only want to have useful sites on their 1st page so it is vital your site fits the bill.

On site search engine optimisation (SEO)  is the place to start. In a nutshell it means having no spelling errors on your site, meaningful content that makes sense, pictures and pages with titles and descriptions.

Off page SEO is building links from other sites back to yours.  Sites such as youtube, facebook, twitter, flickr, blogs and more.  The key is they must be real and contextual.

There is no point building thousands of links from tiny sites.  Quality and context are key.  That is  where simply effective SEO can help.

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